What info is available in Perch?

Perch tracks social and review activity for your own business and any other local small business you would like to watch. 

The Perch Inbox show activity for your own business and helps you to respond. The Perch Feed shows activity for all watched businesses. 

Your Perch Inbox shows activity on your online profiles. You can connect the following profiles: Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, and Instagram. Perch shows reviews, comments, mentions, and questions – and you can respond right from Perch! Your Perch Inbox also shows guidance tasks that help you optimize your online profiles to get found, stand out, and get chosen more often. 

Your Perch Feed shows a stream of activity for businesses you watch and shows all activity for the past 14 days. You'll see:
  • Social posts: Facebook and Twitter posts from the past 14 days.
  • Reviews: Most recent reviews available from Yelp and Google.
Perch also shows the following stats for each business:  
  • Audience: Total number of Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers.
  • Engagement: How often customers have responded to messages by liking, commenting, sharing or retweeting them.
  • Chatter: Number of Facebook Checkins.  
Plus, you'll get links to the social pages for each business to quickly see past activity.

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