How do I get started with Perch?

Perch by ThriveHive is an award-winning marketing tool that helps local businesses build their online presence through quick and easy, yet effective, tasks.

In Perch, you can optimize online profiles, engage with your customers, track your competitors, build your reputation, and post offers and events. All is done in one place. With the bite-sized, easy-to-follow guidance in Perch, you can attract more customers while staying focused on what really matters: running your business.

1. Connect Your Accounts

In order for Perch to show reviews, comments and mentions from your customers in the Inbox, you first need to connect your Facebook page. If you have trouble connecting Facebook, please refer to this guide

After connecting Facebook, Perch tries to find a matching Yelp listing for your business. In most cases where your business name and address match, this should happen automatically. If you have a service area based business or your business name does not match, we can help you connect your Yelp listing if you contact support at

Finally, additional accounts such as Google and ThriveHive can be connected from the Inbox Accounts screen (via the My Account icon). For help with issues related to Google My Business, please refer to this guide.  

2. Respond to Customers

Once you’ve got accounts connected in the Inbox, you’ll start seeing the following types of customer interactions in your Inbox:

Perch shows you new reviews for any connected accounts directly in the Inbox. You can respond and thank customers immediately. 

Consumers may leave questions for you on your Google profile. These show in your Perch Inbox, and you can quickly and easily respond. 

When a customer mentions your business on social media, we show it in the Inbox and recommend you respond by liking or commenting.  

When customers comment on your social media posts, we show the comment in the Inbox and recommend that you respond by liking or commenting. 

3. Follow Guidance 

Perch constantly scans your presence and activity on Google My Business. If critical information is missing, or if it's time to take action, Perch alerts you via Guidance tasks in your Perch Inbox. Here are the types of Guidance tasks you'll see:

Profile Optimization
Perch makes recommendations on how to get more visibility and customer activity, for example by adding appointment links, product details, categories, as well as frequently asked questions and answers.  

Profile Refresh
Perch reminds you to refresh certain information, for example photos. Updated profiles typically get more views on Google.

Review Solicitation
Since reviews are critical for your visibility on Google, Perch makes it easy to send solicitations to your customers. 

Posting of Offers, Events, and News
You'll see reminders for posting with examples you can customize for your business.  

4. Read Tips

Review the tips and learn more on how you can improve your online presence. 

5. Watch Businesses

Once you've setup the Inbox, search for businesses to add to your Watchlist. Tap on the ‘Feed’ tab in the bottom bar. From here you can tap the ‘search’ field in the header and type the business name and location into the Business Search.

You can run as many searches and watch as many businesses as you would like. You can also search by business category. Tap Watch for the businesses you want to track.

6. View Your Home Feed and Post Details

Just tap back to get to your Feed. Scroll through your Feed to see all social post and updates from businesses in your Watchlist from up to 14 days ago.

Tap on any social or review post to zero-in on that single post. Here you can also Save any post to your Favorites, and Share posts.

As always, if you have any questions or need help getting started with Perch, please contact us at

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