Getting Started with Perch (Android)

Perch tracks social activity for your business and the competition. Here's how to get started:

1. Set Your Business 

Tap the search and search for your business by business name and location. 

From the search results tap on your business name. 

Then, tap Watch this Business

Next you will be prompted to sign up to get started (it's free). Just use an email that works best for you, and create your password. 

Now, tap Set as My Business. 

2. Watch Businesses 

Next, tap the search and search for businesses to watch by business name and location. You can also search by category. 

From the search results, tap the business name you want to watch in Perch.

Then tap, Watch this Business

Repeat the process to search for more businesses to add to your Watchlist. You can add as many businesses as you would like to your Watchlist in Perch. 

3. View My Perch on the Home Screen and Post Details 

Once you've added some businesses to Watch in Perch, tap the Perch logo in the upper left hand corner to navigate to My Perch. 

From My Perch, just scroll down to see all social posts from up to 14 days ago. 

Tap on any social post or review to zero-in on that single post. 

4. View Your Settings and Watchlist 

Tap Settings in the upper right hand corner. 

Tap Watchlist to see all of the businesses you are watching. 

Tap on any business in your Watchlist to see social & review activity, social stats and links for that business.

Tap Business Details to see the details for any business. 

Visit the Business Details to see the social and review pages for any business in Perch. Tap Let us know if a social or review page is missing for a business in your Watchlist, and we will add it for you. 

5. Access Social Activity and Stats

Tap back to navigate to My Perch. Tap the Menu Icon in the upper left hand corner to easily access your own business. 

Then, tap your business name to see social stats for your business. 

Audience shows you the number of people across your social networks that can hear your message. 

Engagement shows you the number of Likes, Comments, Shares and Retweets to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram activity. 

Chatter is the number for how and where people are talking about or interacting with your business. 

You can see Audience, Engagement and Chatter stats for all businesses you watch. Just select a business from your Watchlist or Feed.

Always use back button to get to the My Perch home screen and the activity feed. 

Contact us at with any questions. We are here to help.

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