Why am I seeing Yelp reviews in Perch but not on Yelp?

Perch receives reviews directly from Yelp as they are posted by consumers. Perch shows all new reviews for the past two weeks to ensure you are aware of everything that is working well for the business and what might require some attention. 

These reviews don't always match the reviews that are shown on the Yelp page. The reason is that Yelp uses rules and logic to decide if and where to show a review on the Yelp page. More information on the rules is available in the Yelp FAQ at: http://www.yelp.com/faq

In addition to the reviews and star rating, Perch also provides a link to the Yelp page of the business. This makes it quick and easy to understand which of these new reviews are shown by Yelp and are seen by consumers.  

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