How to add your business to Foursquare

Search for your business name and address on Foursquare to see if your business is already listed. Start here:

If you were not able to find your business, you can add it on Foursquare for free. Enter the required fields including business name, address, city, state, zip code and country. Make sure your business listing matches your listings on Google, Facebook and Yelp exactly. Consistency is key to showing up in search results and improving your SEO. Scroll down to add your business phone number and category. Then save.

We recommend claiming your Foursquare listing, so you can benefit from a few extra Foursquare features. When you claim your listing, you control the address and other information for your business. You can add your website, add social links, publish menus and choose which photos are shown for your business. Reward your customers with specials and offers. Plus, you’ll get access to business tools like analytics about your customers.

You can claim your Foursquare listing and gain instant management access for $20 dollars via Foursquare's expedited verification, or for free via postal mail verification. Please note that the postal mail verification process can take up to four weeks.

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