How do I filter activity in Perch?

Log into Perch for the web ( Click on a business in your Watchlist. Then click on the Business Profile link at the top of the page. 

On the Business Profile page, click the small arrow next to All Recent and select a filter of your choice, which are:

  • Recent Reviews
  • Highlights
  • Posted by the Business
  • Posted by the Customers

When you filter by Recent Reviews, you’ll see all recent reviews for the business from Yelp and Google.

Highlights show the most popular posts and also recent reviews for the business.  

If you’re interested in seeing how a business promotes itself, you can use the filter Posted by the Business. You’ll see Facebook posts, Twitter posts, and Instagram photos.

If you want to quickly see customer sentiment, use Posted by the Customers. You’ll see recent reviews from Yelp and Google as well as Instagram photos tagged to the business location by customers.

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